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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you mark up the prices on products?
Nope. The prices of the products on the app are exactly the same as they are in the store. Wondering how we make money? It’s the delivery fee. Simple.
What is your return policy?
Good news! All products are fully refundable. You have 30 days to return non-perishables and 24 hours for perishables.
What happens if something is out of stock?
If something is out of stock, we’ll let you know as soon as we do. Products are usually back in stock in less than 24 hours, unless there’s a major supply issue. But we want to keep your business running smoothly, so you’ll get a discounted ‘fill-in’ service for any out of stock items.
But, my vendor doesn’t charge for delivery.
Unfortunately, they do. Mega-corporations like Sysco and U.S. Foods just roll the costs of all of their services into the price of their products. We’re the only company in the industry that publicly displays our product prices. Crazy, right?