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Cheetah is used by thousands of restaurants in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Cheetah is app-based, offers convenient ordering, transparent pricing and next-day delivery for your restaurant supplies.

See how Cheetah compares with Costco.

Why choose Cheetah
over Costco?

See why so many restaurants in San Francisco and the Bay Area switched from Costco to Cheetah as their main food distributor.

Cheetah has no markups, unlike Costco

All prices listed on the Costco Business Center website are delivered prices, which include a nominal markup over the walk-in price to cover the costs associated with delivery. 

Schedule a delivery that fits your schedule

Cheetah has next-day delivery, including Saturday. Costco does not deliver on Saturdays. 

Cheetah also offers 4-hour delivery windows, anytime between 7am to 6pm. Costco can only deliver from 7am to 4pm.

Have real-time access to our inventory

With Costco you have frequent surprises by the delivery, when you realize that some of the products you ordered were not available in the first place. 

With Cheetah you shop directly from our inventory.

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Top reasons to get your restaurant supplies with Cheetah


Convenient Ordering

You use Amazon and other e-commerce, so why still purchasing your restaurant supplies in such antiquated way? Cheetah has an easy-to-use app, that upgrades your shopping experience to the 21st century.


Our Customer Success team solely focus is to help you and your business achieve success. We will go above and beyond to make sure you get everything ready, 24/7 365 days a year.

Next-day Delivery

Order today and get it delivered tomorrow. You can order until 11:59 the day before your delivery and you can even adjust orders up to that time.

Transparent Pricing

That's true! With Cheetah, you pay what others pay. We charge all our customers the same price you see on the app. We have transparent pricing an no hidden-fees whatsoever.

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