How to set up and manage restaurant takeout and delivery services to leverage new revenue streams and bring in new customers.

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Top 4 Ghost Kitchens Compared

Ghost kitchens, a delivery-only restaurant model with no physical space for dine-in, have become essential lifelines during the pandemic. But even in a post-pandemic world, they are a wonderful way for restaurants to take advantage of the delivery boom, and perfect for new virtual or ghost restaurant entrepreneurs who are interested in a delivery-only enterprise. …

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6 Tips to Make the Switch to Sustainable To-Go Containers Painless

Use of to-go food containers surged during the pandemic’s delivery boom. While the public, and regulators, focused on curbing Covid-19 transmission, efforts to reduce single-use plastics were put on the backburner.  But now, eco-packaging is back on the agenda, and restaurants are confronted with a tough choice – pay the cost to go sustainable or …

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New Bill Forces 3rd Party Delivery Apps to Full Transparency. What’s Next?

On October 5 a new bill was approved by the governor of California requiring 3rd party delivery apps to be more transparent about charges and tips.   This important development aligns with the growing trend of conscious consumers demanding increased transparency, already apparent in flights, ridesharing like Uber and Lyft and mobile plans.  The question for …

5 Top Third Party Delivery App Alternatives Compared hand holding phone showing different food delivery options
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4 Best Third-Party Delivery Services Alternatives For Your Restaurant Compared

With third party delivery apps growing their user base by the millions each year – even before the pandemic – we would not hesitate to say that delivery is the future of dining. For larger chains this is good news. With a widespread delivery infrastructure already in place they are obviously benefitting from the recent …

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3rd Party Delivery Apps Lying in Wait for Restaurant Reopening

In the background of the coronavirus pandemic, the cries of restaurants over the way 3rd-party delivery apps are oppressing them finally reached San Francisco decision-makers.  In April last year, Mayor London Breed announced a 15% cap on food delivery service fees. This emergency order was initially planned to stay in place for 60 days after …

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Still Here: Adam’s Grub Truck Outrageously Delicious Sandwiches

If there’s one thing every SF foodie was thankful for during Covid-19 it’s the outrageously delicious sandwiches at Adam’s Grub Truck.  Like the unstoppable Kraken, this food truck continued taking delivery as well as takeout orders on selected street corners around San Francisco, private and corporate events, and catering affairs throughout the pandemic, all while …

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Best Ways to Set Up a Successful Food Truck Delivery Service in 2021

In 2019, we published The Beginner’s Guide to Opening a Food Truck Business, where we covered the basics of buying a food truck, choosing the right location, working with suppliers, and more. Since then, much water has flown under the Golden Gate Bridge, and the post-Covid-19 foodservice industry is forever changed. Which brings us to …

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How to Build a Ghost Kitchen Brand That Kills the Competition

In this fourth and final chapter of the Ghost Kitchen 101 series we look at the marketing strategies that empower ghost kitchen brands, help increase their online visibility and enable them to crush the competition. Without a laser-focused, robust marketing strategy, any ghost kitchen brand will very quickly find itself floating dead in the water. …

food delivery courier taking food from ghost kitchen manager
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Increased Demand for Food Delivery Is Driving Ghost Kitchen Boom

In the previous chapter of the Ghost Kitchen 101 Series, we looked at different types of cloud kitchens and how they operate. In this article, we dive into the food delivery boom and how it could change how the industry does business for years to come. More than a year after the outbreak, it’s plain …

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Ghost Kitchens Are Taking Over the Foodservice Industry: Here’s What You Need to Know

Jump to the next chapter in our Ghost Kitchen 101 series! The restaurant industry is one of those most devastated by Covid-19. Thousands of restaurants have already permanently closed, and those that haven’t are left struggling to cover the rent with reduced revenue flows. It is easy to conclude that, with the growing demand for …