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Cheetah Marketplace gives you access to local food vendors and craft ingredients. It's like a farmer's market on your phone.
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Access to Local Food Vendors, Artisan Products, and Delicious Possibilities in Cheetah’s New “Marketplace”

Those rushing back to their local restaurants for the full dine-in experience have lots to choose from. New menus, new interior designs, and even new cuisine concepts, are flourishing after nearly 2 years of deliveries.  To compete, restaurants are reinventing themselves by incorporating emerging food trends into their menus – most notably by showcasing local …

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The Best Disposable Restaurant Supplies for Surging Demand

Disposable restaurant supplies are part of critical inventory used by every restaurant, food-truck and caterer on a daily basis. They include everything from back-of-house supplies like gloves and containers, to customer-facing single use-items like takeout packaging, utensils, napkins, and straws. Although supply chains have barely recovered from two years of disruption, demand for disposable restaurant …

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Restaurants Diversify Cooking Oils and Optimize Operations as Prices Soar

Cooking oil prices reached an all time high this October. While restaurant owners compete against the energy sector for every drop of soy oil out there, they’re up against some tough competition. Even organized crime has been stealing used fryer oil from dumpsters in the dead of night. Is it gold or oil we’re talking …

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Food Chain Crisis Explained: Rising Food Prices & Supply Disruptions

Heinz nearly ran out of ketchup packets this year, practically triggering a nationwide ketchup shortage. A surge in demand caused by the delivery and take-out boom is partly the reason. But the root cause of the current food chain crisis and rising food prices runs deeper than that. Supply chain disruptions and shortages like these …

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Cheetah Plus Offers Amazing Deals to Member Restaurants

Thousands of restaurant operators across San Francisco and the Bay Area are already working with Cheetah. Why? Because our products are fresh, our deliveries are on time and we always have our customers’ interest top of mind. Now, Cheetah Plus gives customers even more. Sign up today to work with the only restaurant supplier that …

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Are Major Food Distributors Failing Small Restaurants?

The relationship between SMB restaurants and major food distributors has always been shaky. Now it seems that big distributors are squeezing their smaller clients at the worst possible time. This recent example really brings the point home. Some restaurants working with Sysco are reporting outright cancellations via cold text messages, leaving them scrambling for produce …

reduce prep work and increase profit margins
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Reduce Prep Work & Increase Profit Margins with Pre-Cut Foods

In the kitchen, time equals money. Restaurant operators need to cut back on any activity that isn’t directly increasing profit margins, and prepping is a major one. Programs like Cheetah Just-In-Time (JIT) enable restaurants to buy prepped food, significantly reduce prep work and focus back-of-house activities on the things that matter most. To help you …

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Cheetah Product Catalog – Now Available on your Browser

Getting to know what Cheetah offers is getting even easier. Our new online product catalog is now live and showcases all of Cheetah’s products on our website, with high-res pictures and detailed descriptions. We created the online catalog for those of you in the Bay Area who don’t already have our app. Spanning a full …

virtual marketplace cheetah truck delivering supplies to restaurants
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Just in Time: Virtual Marketplace Connecting Restaurants to Their Favorite Suppliers

As if restaurant operators don’t have enough on their plates, labor shortages have made reliable workers for entry-level positions very hard to find. This means that restaurants need to find creative ways to serve the increasing demand due to the restaurant reopening that has been happening. To help restaurants deal with this problem precisely, Cheetah …

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3 Steps to Get Your Business Ready for the Restaurant Reopening

Last August, we reported on the new color-coded reopening plan that assigns California’s counties to 4 tiers based on the risk of viral transmission within the population.  In May, the fantastic news we’ve all been waiting for finally came: San Francisco officially moved into the yellow tier (minimal risk), allowing indoor restaurants, bars, breweries, and …