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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Restaurants & Recipes We Love

Nothing says rich flavors and happy vibes like Hispanic Heritage Month! This year we celebrate Peruvian, Cuban, Mexican and all other Latin American cultures with 2 of our favorite restaurants in the Bay Area and 1 winner recipe to add to your menu.  Hispanic Is Our Culture One of the reasons we love celebrating Hispanic …

tomato salad
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Tomato Salad: Easy Recipe with Fresh Tomato Slices and Burrata

Tomato Salad with Burrata Walking through the Farmer’s Markets and neighborhood gardens at this time of year makes tomato lovers giddy. The stalls and vines are bursting with cherry, round, and heirloom tomatoes and it’s the one fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) from the nightshade family you can pick and eat with your feet still …

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Mujadara with Crispy Shallots: A Classic, Vegan Rice Recipe from the Middle East

Mujadara with Crispy Shallots Mujadara can be found on menus throughout the Arab world in a wide array of variations.  At it’s core, brown or green lentils are cooked with rice and seasoned with cumin, coriander, and mint.  Interestingly, the first recipe was found in a cookbook compiled by al-Baghdadi in 1226 in which the …

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Chicken Musakhan, Your New Favorite Roast Chicken Recipe

Chicken Musakhan The beloved Palestinian roasted chicken dish, Chicken Musakhan, is instantly energetic, vibrant, and comforting. Smothered in silky onions, pine nuts, parsley, and bright, lemony sumac, the chicken is set on top of flatbread which soaks up the juices and at times becomes the instrument for eating. This recipe simplifies the browning of the …

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Sunday Sauce with Spaghetti in 6 Easy Steps

Sunday Sauce with Spaghetti This pasta sauce is quintessential, family comfort food.  Traditionally, nonnas make this on Sunday morning for the Sunday Family Dinner (hence the name), but it can be made any day using the batch cooking method. Just portion, freeze, and serve whenever! Serve your Sunday Sauce with fresh or dried spaghetti or …

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Seafood and Saffron Risotto

A classic Italian rice dish, Risotto alla Milanese, is taken to the next level with loads of fresh seafood.  This is a luxurious dish that takes time to execute, so Rajika likes to save it for her fancy Saturday night dinners.  Rich, white wine like Chardonnay pairs perfectly with this dish.