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Just in Time: Virtual Marketplace Connecting Restaurants to Their Favorite Suppliers

As if restaurant operators don’t have enough on their plates, labor shortages have made reliable workers for entry-level positions very hard to find. This means that restaurants need to find creative ways to serve the increasing demand due to the restaurant reopening that has been happening. To help restaurants deal with this problem precisely, Cheetah …

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Easy Guide to Applying to the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

$28.6 Billion. That’s how much the American COVID-19 Rescue Plan has put towards the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). Applications opened on May 3rd 2021 and $2.7 Billion in financial support have already been distributed to over 21,000 restaurants within the first week alone. Whatever your stance on government, that has got to be a record.  …

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3rd Party Delivery Apps Lying in Wait for Restaurant Reopening

In the background of the coronavirus pandemic, the cries of restaurants over the way 3rd-party delivery apps are oppressing them finally reached San Francisco decision-makers.  In April last year, Mayor London Breed announced a 15% cap on food delivery service fees. This emergency order was initially planned to stay in place for 60 days after …

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3 Steps to Get Your Business Ready for the Restaurant Reopening

Last August, we reported on the new color-coded reopening plan that assigns California’s counties to 4 tiers based on the risk of viral transmission within the population.  In May, the fantastic news we’ve all been waiting for finally came: San Francisco officially moved into the yellow tier (minimal risk), allowing indoor restaurants, bars, breweries, and …

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5 Things to Look For When Picking the Right Commissary Kitchen for your Food Truck

In case you haven’t noticed, the food truck market is on the rise, which means you need to up your game. One way to get an edge is to work with a commissary kitchen. The right commissary kitchen can mean the key to a successful food truck business – considering it offers all the benefits …

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Best Ways to Set Up a Successful Food Truck Delivery Service in 2021

In 2019, we published The Beginner’s Guide to Opening a Food Truck Business, where we covered the basics of buying a food truck, choosing the right location, working with suppliers, and more. Since then, much water has flown under the Golden Gate Bridge, and the post-Covid-19 foodservice industry is forever changed. Which brings us to …

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Increased Demand for Food Delivery Is Driving Ghost Kitchen Boom

In the previous chapter of the Ghost Kitchen 101 Series, we looked at different types of cloud kitchens and how they operate. In this article, we dive into the food delivery boom and how it could change how the industry does business for years to come. More than a year after the outbreak, it’s plain …

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3 Types of Ghost Kitchens and Which One Is the Best Business to Start

Check out the last chapter in our Ghost Kitchen 101 series! In our last chapter of the Ghost Kitchen 101 Series, we learned that cloud kitchens are commercial kitchen spaces that provide food businesses the facilities and services needed to prepare delivery-optimized menu items. In this article, we’ll go over the different types of ghost …

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Ghost Kitchens Are Taking Over the Foodservice Industry: Here’s What You Need to Know

Jump to the next chapter in our Ghost Kitchen 101 series! The restaurant industry is one of those most devastated by Covid-19. Thousands of restaurants have already permanently closed, and those that haven’t are left struggling to cover the rent with reduced revenue flows. It is easy to conclude that, with the growing demand for …

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How Route Optimization Can Cut Costs in Your Supply Chain

To cope with the dynamic market, business owners and managers are looking for new strategies and solutions. The Future of Foodservice: Trends for 2021 E-book is an answer to those of you who are seeking insights into what the future holds and how to navigate the uncertain retail foodservice landscape going forward. Download the FREE …