Tips on how to include the latest food and menu trends, products, and inspirations into your restaurant.  Learn how to keep your customers happy and costs low.

Lean Feast uses simple ingredients, a franchising model, and a healthy menu to satisfy customer demand.
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How a Healthy Menu Can Keep Costs Low and Customers Happy

This week we sat down with one of the Bay Area’s healthiest and most innovative restaurants.  Lean Feast is a shining example of a healthy restaurant establishment that capitalizes on current technology, food and health trends to make a sustainable profit.   They use local, seasonal and simple ingredients to keep their healthy menu affordable, nutritious …

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Why Smaller Menus Are the Best Thing for Restaurants Right Now

When the Covid-19 delivery boom took off, many restaurants shortened their menu in order to focus on their best, and most delivery-friendly, items. But as supply chain issues, labor shortages and health concerns persist, the small menu trend is making increasingly more economic and operational sense as a long term strategy. Smaller menus are an …

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Healthy Fast Food Trend Part 2: How to Reduce Ultra Processed Foods at Your Restaurant

The healthy food trend has not overlooked fast food. In this two-part series, we investigate the problem with ultra-processed fast food, what this means for the plant-based revolution and see examples of how restaurants can create healthier fast food.  Fast food is evolving. Instead of ultra-processed foods high in fat, salt and sugar, restaurants are …

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Healthy Fast Food Trend Part 1: Beyond Plant Based Burgers

The healthy food trend has touched all parts of the food industry, including fast food. In this two-part series we examine the health effects of ultra-processed fast-food, where plant based alternatives may play a role in the future of fast food, and how restaurants can offer healthy, enticing, grab-and-go and fast food options for 21st …

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Better Food, Better Profits: Plant Based Menu Trends

November is World Vegan Month, the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to experiment with alternative menu specials. In part 1 of the Better Food, Better Profits series we explore one of the hottest trends in the foodservice industry for 2021-2022 – plant based food. The plant based consumer trend is skyrocketing. In the last two …

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Boost Profits and Get Your Restaurant Haunted for Halloween

Halloween is a great opportunity to boost sales at your restaurant and have some fun with your staff. This year Halloween falls on a Sunday, making it perfect for all-day family celebrations at your restaurant. Use the weeks leading up to Halloween to take advantage of the festive spirit. We’ve put together the top menu …

QR codes and digital menus are changing dine-in waitress holding ipad with contactless menu
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QR Menus for Contactless Dine-In Experience Diners Love

The global pandemic has ushered restaurants into a full digital transition. From the delivery-app boom to contactless digital menus, technology is changing every aspect of the dining experience.  QR menus are now a must-have and restaurants are looking for the most efficient way to make the transition. Here’s what you need to know. Table of …

restaurant order tickets how to increase average order size
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10 Best Tips to Increase Average Order Size at Your Restaurant

Download the free Restaurant Reopening Guide for expert tips on restaurant marketing, ordering and more! Increasing average order size at your restaurant is crucial for improving your bottom line. Especially today, with the limit on seating capacity according to the new color coded reopening plan for California restaurants. The average order size is the amount …