The New Cheetah Marketplace is a virtual farmers market giving your restaurant access to local artisan, craft and specialty food vendors and producers.

Looking for a healthy summer mocktail recipe? Wildwonder, a delicious functional beverage is what you need to create healthy cocktails and mocktails

Mocktails for your Margins- Crafting Alcohol Free Cocktails for Conscious Consumers

The oldest trick in the book is to make up your margins with drinks. We all know that when a table sits down and starts ordering cocktails and mimosas, the tab will be well worth the rowdiness! Most restaurants make up the bulk of their profit by selling drinks, not food, but what about non-alcoholic …

Drink Trends, Beverage Trends, Healthy probiotics and more!

4 Healthy Summer Beverages Your Customers Crave – Adaptogens, CBD, Herbs, Probiotics and more!

Sunny summer days are great for showcasing your selection of unique, local, and refreshing summer drinks! It’s 2022- customers want to choose a drink that’s more than sugar and flavor- they want a drink that works for them.  Here is our array of the hottest summer beverages to stock up on to delight your overheated …

Cheetah showcases local and specialty food and beverage vendors every month
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A “Behind the Scenes” Look at Our Latest Vendor Showcase – Plant-Based Fish, Vegan Chicken, A2/A2 Milk, Wildwonder and Tony’s Coffee

If you’re one of our thousands of restaurant partners, then you already know the attentive consideration and expertise that come hand in hand with every visit from your Cheetah rep.  You may recall them giving you a ring about a new product they love and think you would too – they’ve probably even swung by …

Cheetah Marketplace gives you access to local food vendors and craft ingredients. It's like a farmer's market on your phone.
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Access to Local Food Vendors, Artisan Products, and Delicious Possibilities in Cheetah’s New “Marketplace”

Those rushing back to their local restaurants for the full dine-in experience have lots to choose from. New menus, new interior designs, and even new cuisine concepts, are flourishing after nearly 2 years of deliveries.  To compete, restaurants are reinventing themselves by incorporating emerging food trends into their menus – most notably by showcasing local …