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Bolani Family Recipes from Afghanistan Cooked in American Kitchens

In today’s Restaurant Spotlight, we’re proud to introduce you to yet another long-time customer and dear friend of Cheetah’s: Bolani. Led by founder and owner, Nazifa R. Sidiq (AKA Nazi), the company is real proof that the American dream lives on, even during a pandemic. From the famously handmade flatbreads to the colorful variety of …

middle eastern cooking
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Delicious Middle Eastern Cooking and How to Get Started

Middle Eastern cooking is a celebration of colors, rich flavors and intoxicating aromas. Every culture uses its own spices and herbs to bring out the natural taste of meat, chicken and fish dishes. Together, the Persian, Israeli, Moroccan, Syrian and Lebanese cuisines make one of the most unique and diverse food cultures in the world. …

proven tricks to improve you homemade pizza game with flour, tomato sauce, toppings, cheese and a proper oven
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Boost Your Homemade Pizza Game with These 5 Best Tricks

Chewy crust and stretchy cheese pizza is one of the most popular comfort foods ever invented. The best part about homemade pizza is that you don’t have to be Italian to get parlor-quality pies. Whatever happens, you can’t actually go wrong with pizza. In this article, Cheetah chefs share insider pro tips that will help …

Mexican cuisine, food culture to celebrate Mexico independence day
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Mexican Cuisine Special: Most Popular Food Culture in the US

There’s no better time to celebrate Mexican cuisine than in Hispanic Heritage Month! This month, Mexicans around the world are celebrating the anniversary of the country’s independence from Spain with reenactments, fireworks and dance performances. We decided to join in with hot tortillas full of beef and salsa, crispy tacos covered with cheese, burritos stuffed …

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Chicken Musakhan, Your New Favorite Roast Chicken Recipe

Chicken Musakhan The beloved Palestinian roasted chicken dish, Chicken Musakhan, is instantly energetic, vibrant, and comforting. Smothered in silky onions, pine nuts, parsley, and bright, lemony sumac, the chicken is set on top of flatbread which soaks up the juices and at times becomes the instrument for eating. This recipe simplifies the browning of the …

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The Delicious Wonders of Middle East Cuisine

Middle East cuisine is quickly becoming a leading trend in American kitchens, according to Whole Foods’ 2018 trend report. Since 2018, the traditions, regional nuances and classic ingredients of this authentic cuisine have taken their place in the mainstream. As more and more restaurants, recipes and wholesale ingredients are flooding the market, people are becoming …

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#10 Can of Canned Tomatoes: 7 Creative Ways to Use One

A #10 can is a pantry staple in every restaurant and large family. It holds more than 100 ounces of anything from artichokes to zucchini and every fruit, vegetable, sauce, and condiment in between. Canned tomatoes happen to be the most commonly purchased #10 cans by the most popular cuisines in the world from Indian …

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Homemade Meal Kits: 6 Steps To Make Your Weekday Meals Awesome

Meal kits offer a convenient way to prepare a week’s worth of healthy meals for you and your family in just a few hours. We’ve created a blog recipe series for all you preppers and planners. Start here with An Introduction to Batch Cooking. Prepped dishes have always been popular among the time-poor home cooks. …