Tips for restaurants that want to learn about what healthy food is, how to put it on your menu, and how to stay current with emerging health trends.

Marisal Sea Salt is Harvested By Hand and is the Best Salt to Use in your Restaurant
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The Best Salt in the World? An Interview with Local Salt Vendor – Marisal

As a chef, how often do you really sit down to consider the simplest of ingredients in your kitchen? We mean the most granular of all seasonings – salt.  You may have asked yourself: How is salt made? Why is it called kosher salt?  What is the best kind of salt for cooking and finishing?  …

Sinto Gourmet's Owner is a hero in her own right! Immigrating here from the boarder of North Korea and South Korea, she began making Kimchi for her friends and family.
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Local Kimchi Expert Shares Rich History and Benefits of Fermenting Your Own Food

At Cheetah we love staying at the forefront of kitchen and cooking trends. The Bay Area is home to cutting edge cooks from around the world testing out and perfecting their craft. Hyunjoo Albrecht of Sinto Gourmet, a local producer of Kimchi, Gochujang and other Korean specialties, is one such food entrepreneur. A History of …

Cheetah Newsletter February Recap: Black Owned Restaurants, Healthy Menus, Virtual (online) Farmers Market in Marketplace
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February Recap: Black History Month, Healthy Menus and More

This month was full of inspiration!  We sat down with some of the Bay Area’s leading black entrepreneurs, interviewed a couple business partners who are making a killing serving simple, wholesome and nutritious meals to their healthy customers, and also launched Cheetah’s Marketplace – essentially an online farmers’ market, where you have access to emerging …

Lean Feast uses simple ingredients, a franchising model, and a healthy menu to satisfy customer demand.
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How a Healthy Menu Can Keep Costs Low and Customers Happy

This week we sat down with one of the Bay Area’s healthiest and most innovative restaurants.  Lean Feast is a shining example of a healthy restaurant establishment that capitalizes on current technology, food and health trends to make a sustainable profit.   They use local, seasonal and simple ingredients to keep their healthy menu affordable, nutritious …

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Healthy Fast Food Trend Part 2: How to Reduce Ultra Processed Foods at Your Restaurant

The healthy food trend has not overlooked fast food. In this two-part series, we investigate the problem with ultra-processed fast food, what this means for the plant-based revolution and see examples of how restaurants can create healthier fast food.  Fast food is evolving. Instead of ultra-processed foods high in fat, salt and sugar, restaurants are …

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Healthy Fast Food Trend Part 1: Beyond Plant Based Burgers

The healthy food trend has touched all parts of the food industry, including fast food. In this two-part series we examine the health effects of ultra-processed fast-food, where plant based alternatives may play a role in the future of fast food, and how restaurants can offer healthy, enticing, grab-and-go and fast food options for 21st …

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6 Tips to Make the Switch to Sustainable To-Go Containers Painless

Use of to-go food containers surged during the pandemic’s delivery boom. While the public, and regulators, focused on curbing Covid-19 transmission, efforts to reduce single-use plastics were put on the backburner.  But now, eco-packaging is back on the agenda, and restaurants are confronted with a tough choice – pay the cost to go sustainable or …

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Better Food, Better Profits Part 2: Clean Label Menus

November is World Vegan Month, the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to experiment with alternative menu specials. In part 2 of the Better Food, Better Profits series we explore one of the hottest trends in the foodservice industry for 2021-2022 – clean label food. The ‘Clean Label’ movement is part of the rising trend in …

covid vaccination restaurants and bars
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SF Bars Demand COVID Vaccination Proof to Keep Employees Safe

Last updated: August 15, 2021 Just weeks after the SF Bar Owner Alliance decided to require proof of COVID vaccination at indoor venues, Mayor London N. Breed is now joining the call.  As of Friday, August 20, all patrons and employees entering indoor businesses and events will be asked to show proof of COVID vaccination. …

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Boavida: Charming Portuguese Cafe-Market-Wine Bar in Outer Sunset

Just two blocks away from the beach of San Francisco, Boavida Café feels like a peaceful getaway for the residents of Outer Sunset amidst extended shelter-in-place orders and the coronavirus pandemic hammering San Francisco. Inspired by the small coastal towns of Portugal, everyone who walks into this coastal-chic corner is immediately charmed by the calm …