Do you want to learn how to minimize food waste and keep your restaurant sustainable?  Tips for restaurants who want to make the most of their limited food supply.

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7 Tips to Reduce Food Waste & Increase Profit Margins

Pinching pennies might have worked pre-Covid, but to survive today’s increased wages and higher food costs restaurants will have to find new ways to increase profits. To bolster profits, restaurant operators need to charge more without turning off patrons. Taking advantage of the growing trend of reducing food waste is a great way to achieve …

reduce prep work and increase profit margins
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Reduce Prep Work & Increase Profit Margins with Pre-Cut Foods

In the kitchen, time equals money. Restaurant operators need to cut back on any activity that isn’t directly increasing profit margins, and prepping is a major one. Programs like Cheetah Just-In-Time (JIT) enable restaurants to buy prepped food, significantly reduce prep work and focus back-of-house activities on the things that matter most. To help you …

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Feed the Hungry and Join the New #FoodGiving Movement

Imagine not knowing when you’ll have your next meal. During these challenging times, thousands of people are without food security.  Cheetah decided to feed the hungry by joining the #foodgiving movement. Our mission has always been to help small business thrive, the cornerstone of every strong community.  Since no one can thrive on an empty …

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Stretch Your Bulk Food Purchases with Food Preservation

Go Wholesale Buying food in bulk is a great way to save money and stop worrying about an empty fridge. Restaurant sized packaging can be intimidating, but with some forward thinking and recycled containers you can easily store large quantities properly and for longer. So what do you do when you have too many cucumbers …

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Tips From the Pros for Handling Bulk Food Items

Buying food in bulk isn’t just about saving money. Stocking up on supplies, especially during times of uncertainty, is one way to make cooking much simpler and grocery shopping one less thing to worry about. The one challenge when purchasing staples in bulk quantities is storage. Proper storage containers help you ensure you’re not throwing …