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Restaurant Distributor, Cheetah, Raises $60 Million

Restaurant Supplier Cheetah Technologies is Poised to Upend a $200 Billion Industry! At Cheetah we are beyond thrilled to announce that we have closed our series C round of funding. Another whopping $60 million was raised to continue delivering our vision, and incredible restaurant supplies to independent restaurants around the country. During the pandemic small …

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Smart New Lease Models Send Restaurants Back to the Negotiating Table

Restaurants across the country and the world are re-negotiating their leases with landlords. Not only are new clauses being added to incorporate pandemic reality, but completely new models are emerging. Instead of fixed-price rent based on floor space, some restaurants are demanding variable percentage-of-revenue rent that fluctuates with the profitability of the restaurant. Making landlords …

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Food Chain Crisis Explained: Rising Food Prices & Supply Disruptions

Heinz nearly ran out of ketchup packets this year, practically triggering a nationwide ketchup shortage. A surge in demand caused by the delivery and take-out boom is partly the reason. But the root cause of the current food chain crisis and rising food prices runs deeper than that. Supply chain disruptions and shortages like these …

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Are Major Food Distributors Failing Small Restaurants?

The relationship between SMB restaurants and major food distributors has always been shaky. Now it seems that big distributors are squeezing their smaller clients at the worst possible time. This recent example really brings the point home. Some restaurants working with Sysco are reporting outright cancellations via cold text messages, leaving them scrambling for produce …

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What Food Supply Chain News Means to You and Your Restaurant

Today’s economy is driven by consumer demand, which means that staying informed about the forces driving the food industry is leverage, especially for small and medium-sized restaurants. After having served the restaurant industry for nearly a decade, we know that one of the greatest challenges in managing a restaurant business is predicting supply and demand …

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Restaurants Beat Labor Crisis with Daring New Wage Structure

If you are reading this article, you probably know that restaurants are facing turmoil as the most severe labor crisis ever experienced is hitting the industry. In April alone, restaurants lost 681,000 workers to attrition, and while the hotel and restaurant segments are hiring in the hundreds of thousands, the turnover rate is still at …