Tips to improve customer satisfaction at your restaurant. Learn how to drive customer retention rates up with these food and service advice that keep diners happy

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How Supporting Customer Facing Staff Helps with Employee Retention – Top 5 Tips

We all know that COVID-19 has changed the restaurant industry forever, but did you know it also changed patrons?  Customers who have been cooped up at home for the past two years are anxious to get back to dining out. At the same time, with the rise of takeout and food delivery, they have become …

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5 Reasons NOT to Order Restaurant Supplies from Cheetah

COVID-19, supply chain issues and rising food prices have placed the future of major broadliners at risk. Big names like Sysco, Restaurant Depot and others are now fighting to maintain their customer base as more and more SMB restaurants are making the transition to smaller, honest distributors like Cheetah. Operators who are opting out of …

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Are Major Food Distributors Failing Small Restaurants?

The relationship between SMB restaurants and major food distributors has always been shaky. Now it seems that big distributors are squeezing their smaller clients at the worst possible time. This recent example really brings the point home. Some restaurants working with Sysco are reporting outright cancellations via cold text messages, leaving them scrambling for produce …

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Why Restaurant Merch Is the Most Effective Marketing Tool

As restaurants continue to explore new revenue streams in an ever-changing environment, restaurant merchandise is stealing the limelight as an innovative, fun product that does wonders to your bottom line. Besides, everyone could use a little fun this summer. Helping patrons and staff look and feel good with useful restaurant merch is the best way …

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6 Effective Ways to Increase Profit Margins at Your Restaurant

The pandemic has exacerbated the restaurant labor crisis and there is only one way out – offering staff higher wages and improving benefits. To achieve this while still staying in the black, restaurants need to significantly increase profit margins, but how? In our last article we explored adding auto-gratuity to the bill and sharing tips …

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Attract More Takeout Customers with These 8 Proven Techniques

COVID-19 has made restaurant marketing a completely new territory. Learn how to make your restaurant stand out in this Complete Guide to Restaurant Reopening. With Covid-19 limiting restaurants to delivery, takeout and limited capacity indoor dining, more takeaway orders is the best way to improve your bottom line. To-go or carry out food is a …

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5 Best Restaurant Reservation Systems Compared: Resy, OpenTable, Yelp, Tock, Toast

Learn how technology can help your restaurant survive the COVID-19 crisis in this Complete Restaurant Reopening Guide. Restaurant reservation systems help solve one of the biggest challenges of the foodservice industry – managing the constant influx of reservations and customers. Most restaurants today are using online ordering and reservation software to streamline their table booking …