Tips and examples of how to establish your restaurant as a community brand by getting involved in community events, reaching out to partners and supporting your local community.

Cheetah showcases local and specialty food and beverage vendors every month
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A “Behind the Scenes” Look at Our Latest Vendor Showcase – Plant-Based Fish, Vegan Chicken, A2/A2 Milk, Wildwonder and Tony’s Coffee

If you’re one of our thousands of restaurant partners, then you already know the attentive consideration and expertise that come hand in hand with every visit from your Cheetah rep.  You may recall them giving you a ring about a new product they love and think you would too – they’ve probably even swung by …

Specialty Food Association highlights and praises Cheetah's efforts to support your local vendors, local restaurants, community and economy.
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Press Release! Cheetah’s Mission to Support Local is Catching On Nationally – Covered by Specialty Food Association

By focusing on smaller, mission-driven brands and the restaurants that want to work with them, Cheetah is able to bring like-minded entrepreneurs together to support local economies and communities. Cheetah is thrilled to see that our culture of supporting small, local vendors is capturing the ears and eyes of culinary professionals around the country. Check …

Cheetah supplies City Hope with food and kitchen supplies, so they can serve the Tenderloin's homeless and underhoused.
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City Hope Provides Food, Support, and Normalcy for the Under-Housed and Homeless in San Francisco’s Tenderloin

I walked into City Hope with a job and walked out with a mission. Tucked away in a dingy back alley in the Northwest corner of the Tenderloin district in San Francisco sits an unassuming set of doors, secured by an unassuming metal gate. Take a step back from the front porch however, and you’ll …

What is Charcuterie? How is it made? Why is it Popular?
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Charcuterie’s Ancient History, Humble Process and Exotic Recipes Fuel Its Surge in Demand – An interview with Fabrique Délices.

We’ve talked about fermentation and salt in our last two blog posts… are you catching on to the theme?  With customer demand and sustainability at the forefront, we’re not only talking about ways to add complex flavors to your meat and produce, but how to preserve them as well.  In this article we are leaving …

Marisal Sea Salt is Harvested By Hand and is the Best Salt to Use in your Restaurant
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The Best Salt in the World? An Interview with Local Salt Vendor – Marisal

As a chef, how often do you really sit down to consider the simplest of ingredients in your kitchen? We mean the most granular of all seasonings – salt.  You may have asked yourself: How is salt made? Why is it called kosher salt?  What is the best kind of salt for cooking and finishing?  …

Sinto Gourmet's Owner is a hero in her own right! Immigrating here from the boarder of North Korea and South Korea, she began making Kimchi for her friends and family.
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Local Kimchi Expert Shares Rich History and Benefits of Fermenting Your Own Food

At Cheetah we love staying at the forefront of kitchen and cooking trends. The Bay Area is home to cutting edge cooks from around the world testing out and perfecting their craft. Hyunjoo Albrecht of Sinto Gourmet, a local producer of Kimchi, Gochujang and other Korean specialties, is one such food entrepreneur. A History of …

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March Recap: Meet 3 Inspiring Women Igniting the Bay Area Food Scene, How to Support Ukraine and more…

This month we saw restaurants and restaurateurs from around the world become heroes in their own right as they scrambled to do anything in the realm of possibility to help the people of Ukraine.  As March turns into April, the crisis has still not come to an end.  The war in Ukraine rages on and …

Cheetah Newsletter February Recap: Black Owned Restaurants, Healthy Menus, Virtual (online) Farmers Market in Marketplace
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February Recap: Black History Month, Healthy Menus and More

This month was full of inspiration!  We sat down with some of the Bay Area’s leading black entrepreneurs, interviewed a couple business partners who are making a killing serving simple, wholesome and nutritious meals to their healthy customers, and also launched Cheetah’s Marketplace – essentially an online farmers’ market, where you have access to emerging …

Cheetah Celebrates Black History
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Inspiring Evolution of the Bay Area’s Black Owned Joints & Food Culture

February is Black History Month and we’re taking a break from our usual industry insights to celebrate and amplify black owned joints – of which the Bay Area is home to thousands! With 60% of restaurants owned by people of color, the Bay Area’s black community with its cultural roots and delicious soul food is …