Of all the food service distributors out there, only Cheetah has 24/7 live customer service, fair and transparent pricing, and next day delivery.

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Outsource Your Restaurant Website & Social Media to Pros in 2022

As 2022 kicks off, operators that wish to stay competitive must upgrade their website and social media presence to keep up with the changing restaurant world. finding the time to do so while actually running a quality restaurant is virtually impossible. With supply chain disruptions, the labor shortage, increased competition on 3rd party marketplaces, ill-tempered …

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Ultimate Job Marketplace Poached Saves Restaurants a Lot of Hiring Headache

Restaurants are soaring back to full-service while the demand for qualified staff continues to pose a problem. Payroll budgets, recruiting processes and retention schemes are not yet adapted to a post-Covid world. Now restaurant operators must treat the hiring process as a critical and strategic part of their operation. While McDonald’s and Chipotle are offering …

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Cheetah Plus Offers Amazing Deals to Member Restaurants

Thousands of restaurant operators across San Francisco and the Bay Area are already working with Cheetah. Why? Because our products are fresh, our deliveries are on time and we always have our customers’ interest top of mind. Now, Cheetah Plus gives customers even more. Sign up today to work with the only restaurant supplier that …