Tips for restaurants that want to lower costs and boost profit.  Learn the latest trends and techniques to cut down waste, maximize operational efficiency, and stay current with customer demands.

Lean Feast uses simple ingredients, a franchising model, and a healthy menu to satisfy customer demand.
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How a Healthy Menu Can Keep Costs Low and Customers Happy

This week we sat down with one of the Bay Area’s healthiest and most innovative restaurants.  Lean Feast is a shining example of a healthy restaurant establishment that capitalizes on current technology, food and health trends to make a sustainable profit.   They use local, seasonal and simple ingredients to keep their healthy menu affordable, nutritious …

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Restaurant Sustainability, Profitability and Purpose – La Mediterranee Journey

Transforming your restaurant into a ‘green’ operation can feel overwhelmingly costly without immediate reward. And, as if every minute didn’t already matter to a restaurant owner, the time commitment to turn a restaurant into a more sustainable business may not seem feasible. At Cheetah, we’re here to challenge those preconceptions and argue that going green …

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Restaurant Loyalty Programs to Boost Revenues

Restaurants, retailers and airlines have been using loyalty programs to drive revenue for nearly three centuries. From their humble, though ingenious, beginnings as copper tokens and stamps, through the era of credit card clubs, to today’s mobile apps, loyalty programs have become indispensable marketing tools. In the world where consumers are bombarded by options, competition …

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California Bill Legalizes CBD as Food and Drink Supplement

On October 8th, 2021 California took a huge leap forward in formally legalizing CBD, or Cannabinidoil by its full name, to be labeled an official food and drink supplement. Sure, you may have seen CBD drinks hit specialized shelves around the country over the past few years, but their content, claims, and dissemination has long …

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Plant Based Desserts to Boost Restaurant Profits This Winter

A generation of conscious diners is seeking out vegan treats and plant based desserts. For restaurant operators, shifting to plant-based ‘cash-cows’ not only makes economic sense, but it has never been easier.  This winter be sure to have at least two vegan desserts with massive profit margins on the menu to increase ticket sizes and …

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Smart New Lease Models Send Restaurants Back to the Negotiating Table

Restaurants across the country and the world are re-negotiating their leases with landlords. Not only are new clauses being added to incorporate pandemic reality, but completely new models are emerging. Instead of fixed-price rent based on floor space, some restaurants are demanding variable percentage-of-revenue rent that fluctuates with the profitability of the restaurant. Making landlords …

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12 Tips to Increase Catering Profits This Busy Season

The busy season is underway, and for caterers and restaurants it is the biggest opportunity in the past two years to boost sales and make a hefty profit. Most travel and social distancing restrictions have been lifted and supplier indications point to a record breaking catering season. Groups of families and friends will be meeting …

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7 Tips to Reduce Food Waste & Increase Profit Margins

Pinching pennies might have worked pre-Covid, but to survive today’s increased wages and higher food costs restaurants will have to find new ways to increase profits. To bolster profits, restaurant operators need to charge more without turning off patrons. Taking advantage of the growing trend of reducing food waste is a great way to achieve …

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Better Food, Better Profits: Plant Based Menu Trends

November is World Vegan Month, the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to experiment with alternative menu specials. In part 1 of the Better Food, Better Profits series we explore one of the hottest trends in the foodservice industry for 2021-2022 – plant based food. The plant based consumer trend is skyrocketing. In the last two …