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While digital technology has helped the front of the house, the back of the house remains the weaker link.

How to Run a Restaurant and Reap the Benefits of Recycling  

You have tons to do. Being a restaurant owner is a lot tougher than people might think! You have customers to please, inventory to order, and staff to manage – to name just a few things on your growing “To Do” list.

So when someone brings up food recycling, you’re probably asking yourself when you’ll ever have time to give it any thought. Well, what if food recycling could actually help your growing business and save you money?

Below are 5 quick and easy tips for restaurant owners wondering how to run a restaurant and benefit from food recycling:

1.  Create menu items using scraps from your restaurant kitchen

You might have leftover smoked brisket from last night. Instead of throwing it out, why not dice it up and use it as part of your breakfast menu? Or use leftover chopped vegetables to make a delicious broth or hash.

Other great items from your restaurant kitchen that can be re-utilized are bread for croutons or breadcrumbs, and you can get even more creative: use citrus peels to keep your garbage cans from smelling, and leftover coffee grounds to clean hands and chopping boards after cutting onion or garlic!

Breakfast is a great time to use restaurant kitchen scraps

2. Control portions

You want your customers leaving full and satisfied, right? Sometimes, the best way to do that isn’t through oversized portions. Bars and Grills are especially notorious for oversized portions and the waste that often results.

This doesn’t always have to be the case though. Take Havana Café, the popular Cuban bar, and restaurant in the Bronx. Its signature dish is the Brick Oven Cuban sandwich, which isn’t overly massive. It’s delicious though and is one of the reasons why you won’t get a seat if you don’t book ahead. Bigger isn’t always better.

What does this mean for you as a restaurant owner? Sometimes, less is more! And if guests seem anything less than completely satisfied, give them a gift card to come back another time, or give them a free dessert or drink.

3. Start composting

Not only do many waste management companies provide composting for free, but it will also decrease your Trash bill – and increase your bottom line! A recent study by the American Hotel & Lodging Association showed that for every $1 spent to reduce restaurant kitchen food waste, you’ll save $7 in operating costs. Waste management is actually a great way to control costs and boost your bottom line.

Customers are also sure to take note. A restaurant owner that is careful about what happens to their food after it’s been served, must surely be even more passionate about their food before it’s served to customers.

4. Use your specials

How many ingredients do you throw out at the end of each day? It can be heartbreaking to see fresh produce in the garbage, but you know that by tomorrow these ingredients will be limp and stale.

As a restaurant owner, a great way to prevent this is by using your “specials” to push dishes which require ingredients that are approaching their “Sell by” dates. Everyone benefits: customers get a great deal, you reduce costs and waste, and increase sales!

Another great use of these leftover ingredients is for staff or family meals. This has the triple benefit of boosting morale, ensuring your staff doesn’t start their shift hungry and grumpy, and of course, everyone loves “free food”!

5. Order better with smart Inventory Management

Do you wonder how to run a restaurant that always has the right ingredients on hand while not ordering too much, too frequently? Smart Inventory Management is the answer.

Cheetah gives restaurant owners the ability to order less, but more frequently. With an easy subscription and no delivery minimums, your kitchen can decrease inventory, always be stocked with the right ingredients, avoid spoilage and even reduce costs.

Take advantage of the Cheetah inventory management technology built specifically for small restaurants owners like you, and get an edge over the competition.

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