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6 Best Practices of Demand Planning for Small Businesses

While large foodservice suppliers are maximizing revenue by accurately forecasting demand and supply needs, small businesses are still anxious about making a move. Many manufacturers, suppliers, and local restaurants are worried about the cost or difficulty of introducing demand planning into their business. Unfortunately, this means they are being left behind as large corporations use …

small business owners use demand planning for forecasting
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Small Businesses Turn to Demand Planning to Thrive

Demand Planning is the critical driver of food supply chain operations from farmer to consumer. Complications from COVID-19 have amplified the need to forecast demand, and the accuracy of those forecasts has a direct impact on revenue and profits. And let’s not forget the effects of food waste on our environment and our communities in …

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Bolani Family Recipes from Afghanistan Cooked in American Kitchens

In today’s Restaurant Spotlight, we’re proud to introduce you to yet another long-time customer and dear friend of Cheetah’s: Bolani. Led by founder and owner, Nazifa R. Sidiq (AKA Nazi), the company is real proof that the American dream lives on, even during a pandemic. From the famously handmade flatbreads to the colorful variety of …

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Empower Your Sales Team with Cheetah’s Food Distributor Tech

When food distributors think about transitioning to e-commerce they usually imagine some state-of-the-art robot coming in to replace their experienced and reliable sales team. In reality, having robots completely replace people is not actually possible. At least, it’s not advisable! Some things will always require a human touch and one of these things is a …

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Going e-Commerce with Cheetah: An All in One Solution for Food Distributors

First things first: Request a demo for your distribution business! E-Commerce emerged almost as soon as the internet went mainstream. But food distributors only entered the game in the last few years. Even before the pandemic sent levels of online shopping skyrocketing, it was clear that companies have to go online in order to survive. …

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It’s Time Food Distributors Make the Leap to E-Commerce

Some foodservice distributors, like food operators are afraid to make big leaps into the digital world of e-commerce. The rationale is that they have all been doing business in a certain way for years, sometimes decades; so why change a winning horse. But one thing Covid-19 has made abundantly clear is that shopping online can …

tipping at restaurants
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Will Tipping at Restaurants Make Sense in a COVID-19 World?

For a deep dive into the future of labor check out The Complete Restaurant Reopening Guide. Tipping at restaurants has always been a contreversial issue. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the food industry was one of the fastest growing in the US, with many food preparation and serving jobs available to both US citizens and immigrants. …

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4 Proven Reopening Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

Download the Complete Restaurant Reopening Guide for expert tips on how to handle restaurant marketing, branding, design and more! As businesses are gradually reopening in California, restaurants are coming up with reopening marketing strategies to fit a COVID-19 world. Last week we talked about getting your restaurant ready for reopening. Now we’re here to share …