Mexican cuisine, food culture to celebrate Mexico independence day
Mexican Cuisine Special: Most Popular Food Culture in the US

There’s no better time to celebrate Mexican cuisine than in Hispanic Heritage Month! This month, Mexicans around the world are celebrating the anniversary of the country’s independence from Spain with reenactments, fireworks and dance performances. We decided to join in with hot tortillas full of beef and salsa, crispy tacos covered with cheese, burritos stuffed …

tomato salad
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Tomato Salad: Easy Recipe with Fresh Tomato Slices and Burrata

Tomato Salad with Burrata Walking through the Farmer’s Markets and neighborhood gardens at this time of year makes tomato lovers giddy. The stalls and vines are bursting with cherry, round, and heirloom tomatoes and it’s the one fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) from the nightshade family you can pick and eat with your feet still …


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Which Restaurant Reservation System Is Best for Me: Resy vs OpenTable vs Yelp vs Tock

Restaurant reservation systems help solve one of the biggest challenges of the foodservice industry – managing the constant influx of reservations and customers. Most restaurants today are using online ordering and reservation software to streamline their table booking process to avoid having to deal with no-show clients and empty eateries. Especially amid Covid-19 and the …

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Top 4 Delivery Apps: Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub… Are You Using the Right App?

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, very few restaurants have survived without using a delivery app service for take out and delivery. In recent years, third party delivery apps have gained nearly 50 million active users in the US alone. Food delivery services like DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEATS, Caviar, and Postmates are the biggest players in the foodservice …

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